Having creative ideas comes naturally to human beings. What happens then is key. How is an idea manifested into any given communication landscape? In my experience, the value, beauty and efficacy of a design concept is the result of the process between client and designer: the better the flow of idea and intent between the two, the more successful the visual result.

What I do

I listen. I watch. I prototype. I organize pieces of content into form until
meaning and beauty form effective communication modules for my clients.
Then I go teach my students to do the same thing.

Visual Communication

Understanding a client’s communication needs involves empathy and begins with listening before anything can become visual – whether from the fragile outset of a business idea, in the middle of a process or revamping a dusty business identity.

Digital Design

Outside of the perhaps unfortunate fact that pixels will always be squares, web design just another medium to conquer with meaning and beauty. Being digital is fluid and exciting, though I leave deep-end code diving to trusted collaborators.


Beauty is an inate human need. Creating and/or finding impressive images that communicate a client’s conceptual message is a delicate business. In a very saturated visual world, it’s essential to fine-tune this element of visual communication.


Years of experience. Passion. Did I mention empathy?

I was the kid that liked to vacuum, order in her closet and a nicely set table. What does that have to do with design? In retrospect, everything. The skill of seeing what belongs where and what happens when you mix crazy things with intent is what makes a designer effective (and clients happy). Experimenting with new tools and media is part of the challenge and keeps it exciting.

  • corporate identity and design
  • print media
  • Icons for UX
  • webdesign