Everyone is creative. Having original ideas comes naturally to human beings. What happens then is key. How is a creative idea manifested into reality? That’s where things begin to get interesting, and the question of value, beauty and efficacy come into play.

What I do

I listen. I watch. I prototype. I organize pieces of content into form until
meaning and beauty form effective communication modules for my clients.
Then I go teach my students to do the same thing.

Visual Communication

Not mine, yours. How are you presenting who you are and what you do? I can help you become more effective from the very beginning, in the middle of a process or revamp a dusty old business identity.

Digital Design

Outside of the perhaps unfortunate fact that pixels will always be squares, web design just another medium to conquer with meaning and beauty. Being digital is fluid and exciting, learning to swim in and with it is … just like learning how to swim.


I love images. Always have and always will. Finding and  choosing them in tandem with a good concept for a client is a joy. Making and playing with images is part of my odd day off sabbatical, as well as enjoying what others are doing.


Years and years of experience. Passion. Empathy.
I was the kid that liked to vacuum. Liked order in the kitchen and a nicely set table. What does that have to do with design? In retrospect, everything. The skill of seeing what belongs where and what happens when you mix crazy things is what makes a designer effective (and clients happy).
  • corporate identity and design
  • webdesign
  • print media