Many years clocked, many miles driven resulting in scores of graduated, talented designers coming from this school in Ravensburg, Germany. My teaching career included conceptual thinking projects, foundations of visual communication and supporting last year students in their diploma projects. The school technically closed but is now rebranded as the “Kapuziner Kreativzentrum”. They are doing amazing things including – as if they had seen it coming – online webinars.

student projects in rav


Macromedia Hochschule

Great students from all over the world, I could teach in my mother tongue, juggle Adobe tools in several languages and enjoy a pleasant rooftop cafeteria. Subjects at this school included: Editorial Design, Foundations of Design and Print Media Technologies.


Hochschule Augsburg

The posed question: is the solution to the spooky world of AI human innovation, creativity, resilience and flexibility? One  familiar slogan for creatives of all stripes rings out now more than ever: “Think out of the box.” What better project could there be for design students than to reflect about what the box is, exactly? Where is the outside? How far from the box could / should one get? Who and what’s left inside and can we think from the outside for the inside? Is the inside so bad? And so on. A challenge with a number of astounding results.

My Box is Not Your Box

For this student, she is the box and each person she comes into contact with had to be a part of, create or enter into boxes that made up her being. Or not.

Get in My Box and Talk to Me

This student created an amazingly creative and promising box. Learn one phrase in any of nine (!) languages and enter into her box. There, by repeating the phrase, you were rewarded with a song in the newly learned language. The entire procedure was explained via a charming animated film.

Beauty above all boxes

Why is beauty so often the box? This issue was examined in great detail and never fully answered, knowing that there is no answer. Mirrors for reflective pondering, however, were on offer.

gropius chairs in the gropius building



My first teaching assignment involved a redesign of the BGB books (The Civil Code of Germany) – a task I had done shortly before with my mentor, Rolf Mueller. It was truly an exceptional experience with exceptional students working hard on the sometimes unrewarding but culturally relevant work of macro- and microtypography.