Opernfestspiele Heidenheim

A enjoyable project for the Opernfestspiele Heidenheim, a cozy outdoor opera venue – a German Verona of sorts – nestled in the hills of Schwabia. In addition to the logo and corporate identity elements, I completed several festival seasons of accompanying posters, programs and other marketing materials.

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Diehl & Partner

My strength is to focus on an overall branding concept and the necessary visual development. I oversee the implementation of  website design with technologically versed and up-to-date partners.


The Krupp Intern

An anniversary production for the Stanford University Bing Overseas Studies Program in Berlin. The design and production of this book was done to illustrate the fascinating developments during 30 years of the Bing Overseas Studies Program. Limited edition A3 format, linen-covered, brass-screw bound with a matching case.

The Krupp Intern
Typografie in der Türe


Lettering at the TU Darmstadt

This image documents the hand-lettered quote in the staircase doorway for the Institute of Philosophy at the Technische Universität Darmstadt. Conception and realization with Dr. Cheryce von Xylander.


The search for beauty

Talented photographers will always be in demand and I respect my many talented colleagues. When the situation and/or client calls for it, however, I pack up my equipment and explore the world of image making. Every now and then a nice cover model shows up – here Scottish Highland cattle for a pro-bono community magazine.

Cows at home
icon for robotics


UX for robotics

The art of pictograms has fascinated me from my earliest designer days. I recently completed an extensive iconography series for a complex robotics user interface. An excellent example of the necessity of good client/designer communication: the wonderfully fluid lines of communication between myself and the talented engineers programming the system was tantamount to the success of the system. Details upon request.