Corporate Design

The new logo for the Opernfestspiele Heidenheim and the design of posters, programs and pr materials for a number of festival seasons at this “German Verona” was one of many Corporate Design projects.

Contact me for a full list of reference projects.



Web Design

Ah, the web. A sticky thing that is continually changing. To avoid getting caught in the tangle on more complicated projects, I work with partners that are technologically two steps ahead, focusing on image and concept development. Smaller, CMS-based projects can be done on a design advisory basis with technically experienced clients.


Print Design

A very limited anniversary production for the Stanford University Bing Overseas Studies Program in Berlin. The design and production of this book was done to illustrate the fascinating developments during the 30 years of the Bing Overseas Studies Program and was also done in honor of the the program’s sponsor, Prof. Dr. Berthold Beitz. A3 format, linen-covered, brass-screw bound with a matching case.


This image documents the hand-lettered quote in the staircase doorway for the Institute of Philosophy at the Technische Universität Darmstadt. Conception and realization with Dr. Cheryce von Xylander.



I have a nice collection of very talented photographers when clients have the budget. For those tightly financed or pro-bono situations, I pack up my equipment and go out and explore. Every now and then, a nice cover model shows up.